CB8 Transportation Subcommittee vote

Good news! We submitted a package with requests for racks in more than 50 locations with letters of support from over 30 businesses, block associations, BIDs and community groups. The subcommittee will recommend to the full board that our package be submitted as a request to the DOT from the Community Board.

Thanks very much to the volunteers who measured sidewalks, talked to business owners, took photos and gathered the support of community groups. The project required more time than I expected and would not have been possible without the help of volunteers from the Transalt Brooklyn volunteer committee. Number one was the main organizer, Judy Bartlett, who organized volunteers and solicited support from community groups, built the web map and put together the package. Nada O’Neil, Anthony, Caroline, Joel, Jonah, Joanne & I’m sure I am forgetting someone.


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Over 80 Requests for Racks so far

We have had request from merchants, condo boards, residents and visitors to Crown Heights and the rest of CB8. View the Signatures (I’ve hidden the email and home address of the requesters. ) and suggest your own location. It does not matter if someone else suggested it, we will take your request as a vote.

NOTE! WordPress is breaking the link to the location suggestions, so open up the comments section below and see the link there instead.

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BK CB8 Bike Share Report. And Lower Manhattan Workshop Next Week

I attended the workshop hosted by the DOT for bike share planning in Brooklyn CB8, which includes part of Crown Heights. It looks as though Crown Heights will be a part of Bike Share phase one as far east as Rogers Avenue, and as far south as Lefferts Ave. For CB8 that includes the major commercial areas, Flatbush Ave, Washington, Vanderbilt and Franklin Ave, but not Nostrand Ave or any other Avenue to the east. It will go as far south as Medgar Evers College.

DOT explained that where bike share exists it needs to be dense, so they want a station every avenue and every few streets. They gave us a map divided into squares of approximately that size and noted places that were suggested by people and places DOT scoped out. There were different markers for sites that would be on sidewalks and plazas and those that would be on the street. As part of the workshop we marked locations that were good, suggested new locations that were not marked, and we marked locations that would not be good for bike share stations.

Residents have stickies to mark good and bad choices for bike share stations

Check out the DOT website for bike share workshops where you work and live. Upcoming include Bed Stuy and Lower Manhattan. I will be attending the workshop for Manhattan Community Board 1 at the Pace Student Union, 3 Spruce Street on Tuesday March 13th.

At the meeting I heard someone from DOT say that bike share will begin in August 2012. I HOPE we do not have to wait that long!

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Bike Share Workshop for CB8

Brooklyn CB 8 and 9
Community Planning Workshop Tuesday March 6th, 2012 6:00 PM–8:00 PM

DOT Calendar for Bike Share Workshops

I didn’t realize NYC Bike Share Phase One would make it as far as Crown Heights in Brooklyn but I am certainly excited about it! Crown Heights could benefit from bike share. Often we need to travel East and West, but our subways go North and South. Bike share could fill in that subway gap and give a lot of people living in Crown Heights a little added mobility, speed, and frankly joy that comes from zipping around on a bike.

Join Brooklyn’s Community Board 8 and Community Board 9, local residents and business owners at a round table planning workshop to help decide how bike share should work and where stations should go in Prospect Heights, Crown Heights North, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens. In partnership with Community Boards 8 and 9, and NYC Council Members Letitia James and Albert Vann. The Workshop will be held at CUNY Medgar Evers College, President’s Conference Center (Room B1008), 1650 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225.

Sessions will begin at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

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Flickr Map!

Upload and map your bike rack location photos to our Flickr group.

Flickr Group Map with Photos

Flickr Group lets you upload photos and map them

I just noticed that there is a decent map application on Flickr. I’ve uploaded a few photos of locations that need bike parking in the neighborhood and placed them on a map. You too can upload photos to the crown racks Flickr group (or pool) or just view the map here.

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Need a Bike Rack?

Bike Racks in Your Neighborhood

Do you live in Crown Heights, Weeksville or Prospect Heights?  We need community input about where bike parking is needed most.  We’ll take this info to our Community Board, CB8,  and to D.O.T. to put in a request for more bike parking. 

We are looking for suggestionsq for installation of new city installed bike racks. Is there a need for a bike rack where you live, where you shop, or or where you visit in CB8? Fill in the form at the link below and we will bring it to the DOT in one large request for more bike parking.

Suggest a location

More info email Chris.

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